Video Review: Pivot Pack Diaper Bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom

I have a secret obsession that has formed this pregnancy: watching YouTube reviews.

I remember doing this a little last time, as well, but I think having the experience of being a mom for over two years has taught me… Moms are the master reviewers. They have been in the same place you have, struggled with the same things, and genuinely want to help make life easier for all other moms!

I seriously have watched so many that I have decided to start my own YouTube Channel to bring you everything I learn about products (and maybe more) along the way.

First up, my hunt for the perfect diaper bag. I recently purchased the Pivot Pack from Petunia Pickle Bottom (I picked it up at BuyBuyBaby, if you’re wondering where you can get it/see it in person.) I am pretty sure I have found the perfect diaper bag for me, and I hope this video helps you decide if it’s perfect for you!

In this video, I walk you through everything I love, from the space for TWO water bottles to the secret snack compartment (that my 2 year old still can’t figure out how to get into) to the multiple insulated pockets that actually keep my snacks cold on the go! (It will be even better when I get a little ice pack to pop in there too!)

This video is just an overview of the features I love about the Pivot Pack. I plan to purchase pieces from Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Intermix system, and then jump back on YouTube for a “What’s in My Diaper Bag” vlog.

Thanks for watching! If you do like seeing reviews from me, feel free to subscribe and like the video!

If you’re looking for more information about this bag, check it out on the Petunia Pickle Bottom website.

Find the Pivot Pack here!

Take a look at the Intermix System here!

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